About Me

I'm a dual U.S. and Canadian citizen, having grown up in Seattle and worked in both countries. When I was 13, I began studying filmmaking at the Gulf Islands Film & Television School, a rural hippie film school off the coast of Vancouver Island, B.C.

Today, I’m a Los Angeles based producer and art department coordinator. I have a background in finance and marketing, and a passion for developing compelling narratives and pushing the boundaries on story. I have an MFA in Producing from the American Film Institute, where I produced eight short films, and an honors business degree from Queen’s University in Eastern Canada.

I have produced award-winning short films, feature-length and short documentaries, and music videos. I've also worked on sitcoms, feature films, and TV series. Currently, I am producing a documentary on an up-and-coming female wrestler.

I’m well versed in budgeting, financing, scheduling, creative development, and pitching. I can pivot between producing micro budget short films and documentaries to art department coordinating union TV shows. I’m passionate about powerful stories and projects that push for change.

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Stephanie Nilles   |

Step One

STEP ONE   |   Short Documentary |   2018

Role: Producer

Director: Drew Boylan  |   Cinematographer: Patrick Ouziel

Eve Berrington is a fighter. She began in amateur MMA. Now she's competing on one of the biggest stages for women’s wrestling - the 2018 US Open.

Status: Post-Production

Room on Fire

ROOM ON FIRE   |   Visual Essay |   2018

Role: Producer

Director: Sindha Agha  |   Cinematographer: Lauren Guiteras

Client: Topic

'Room on Fire' is a piece on fear, panic attacks, and growing up as a girl. Produced for Topic's October issue on Fear.

'Room on Fire' available on

Light as a Feather

LIGHT AS A FEATHER   |   TV series |   2018

Role: Art Department Coordinator

Production Designers: Cindy Chao & Michele Yu

Network: Hulu

Production Company: AwesomenessTV

An innocent game of “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” goes wrong when the five teen girls who played start dying off in the exact way that was predicted, forcing the survivors to figure out why they’re being targeted - and whether the evil force hunting them down is one of their own.

'Light as a Feather' is now streaming on Hulu


STRAY   |   Narrative Short |   2017

Role: Producer & Co-Writer

Director & Co-Writer: Drew Boylan

Fifteen year-old Ben Garber has a secret. A secret which leads him to infiltrate the household of a family in a neighboring town.

Festivals: Official Selection in 8 film festivals

Trailer available on 'Stray' site


ALLSAINTS   |   Music Videos |   2017 & 2018

Role: Producer

Directors: Gil Marsden   |   Gregg Meller

Producer of music videos for ALLSAINTS LA Live Sessions. Artists featured included: IN-Q, Harlea, Jacob Banks, Stokeswood.

LA Live Sessions available on ALLSAINTS site


SCARLETT_ANGELINA   |   Narrative Short |   2017

Director: Lorette Bayle   | Writer: Jacqueline K. Ogburn   | Producers : Nic Emiliani, Stephanie Nilles, and Lorette Bayle

Scarlett-Angelina is a little girl who knows how to take care of herself, much to the dismay of the small-time crook who kidnaps her.

Festivals: Official selection in 38 film festivals, won four awards, nominated for an additional four awards.

'Scarlett-Angelina' trailer available online here

Gymkhana Files

GYMKHANA FILES   |   Documentary Series |   2017 & 2018

Role: Producer's Assistant & Production Coordinator

Network: Amazon Studios

Production Company: Hoonigan

Executive Producers: Ken Block, Brian Scotto, Gil Marsden   |   Showrunner: Gil Marsden   |   Producer: Kaitlin Del Campo

The Gymkhana Files takes viewers deep behind the scenes of one of the world's wildest, most successful viral video franchises of all time, with over 500 million online views and counting. Follow globally recognized race car driver and viral star Ken Block and his team of Hoonigans as they attempt to make the greatest automotive video of all time while racing in the World Rallycross Championship.

'Gymkhana Files' trailer available online here


Goodbye   |   Narrative Short |   2017

Role: Producer

Director: Daniel Riser   |   Producers: Cameron Hutchison & Stephanie Nilles   |   Cinematographer: Patrick Ouziel

A young woman searches for a way to come to terms with devastating loss during the holidays.

'Goodbye' is available to watch here


Unzipping   |   Narrative Short |   2017

Role: Production Coordinator

Writer & Director Lisa Edelstein   |   Producers: Kate Cohen, Lisa Edelstein, Jane Hollon   |   Co-Producer: Katie Canright Menke

Unfulfilled in her marriage, Ella doesn’t hesitate when she discovers a strange opportunity for change.

'Unzipping' trailer available here

Cherry Creek

CHERRY CREEK   |   Narrative Short |   2016

Role: Producer & Co-Writer

Director & Co-Writer: Drew Boylan

A small town family struggles to grieve the loss of their son who committed a high school shooting. The shooter’s younger brother fights to free himself from his brother’s legacy.


MARY   |   Narrative Short |   2016

Role: Producer

Writer: Randy McKinnon   |   Director: Amy Wang

In a faith-based household in New Orleans, a young girl shares stories about her imaginary friend named Mary. But what if Mary is actually real?

Mad Old Bitch

MAD OLD BITCH   |   Narrative Short |   2015

Role: Producer

Writer: Kevin Kennelly   |   Director: Cara Lawson

After a night of drinking and spray painting with friends, Stephen, a shy 17-year-old, finds himself at the very house he graffitied and must learn empathy and make amends with the elderly owner who suffers from dementia.