Web Developer | Film Producer

About Me

I'm a full-stack web developer and film producer from Seattle. I'm experienced in back and front end web development and am passionate about producing high-quality work. When I'm not coding or making films, I hike, take photos and do Taekwondo.

My technical skills include JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, CSS, HTML, AngularJS, ExpressJS, Node.js, MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Bootstrap, Adobe Creative Suite, Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro.

My Work

Pacific Ocean Playground

Pacific Ocean Playground is an educational game platform targeted to young teenagers. Teens track their improvement, compare their scores to their friends and celebrate the beauty of the Pacific Ocean.

Built with MEAN & Flickr API

Seattle Trading Post

Seattle Trading Post is designed to foster a community of crafters and makers. Makers connect and share their skills with each other by hosting and attending donation-based events.

Built with Ruby on Rails & Facebook, Cloudinary & Venmo APIs

Film Festival Finder

Film festivals are extremely crucial to the success of an independent film. Currently there is no central, well-designed tool for filmmakers to find festivals by date, location and fee. Film Festival Finder meets this need by allowing filmmakers to find, save and add notes to their desired festivals.

Built with Node.js & Instagram API

Soccer Teams App

Built with the upcoming Seattle Sounders season in mind, soccer fans can save teams and add tags describing them through the Soccer Teams App.

Built with Ruby on Rails & Flickr API

Harry Potter Game

The Harry Potter game is a fun, easy to play Quintus-style game. Watch out for the dementors and try to reach the broomstick!

Built with Quintus

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